Photography Gear

Gifts for photographers

If you’re looking for a gift for a photographer here are some ideas to help you along. These are ideal gifts for professionals and amateur photographers across the range of budgets.

Look all around you

A quality lens will always be well received by a photographer. Choose from either prime, wide-angle, macro or telephoto. Alternatively, a camera phone lens for those who cannot be parted from their smartphone. Filter lens, lens cases or even a lens cleaning kit will be welcomed by photographers to make sure there are no scratches when cleaning. Memory cards are always welcome, just be sure you know what type your photographer uses. If their camera or lens bag is shabby, replace it with you new one. Customise their camera strap to suit their style, a gift for professionals can include their business name and contact details. A carbon tripod is a dream gift for the photographer using a cheaper metal tripod that weighs a lot. Every photographer backs up their photographs, so an external hard drive is also a welcome gift. Other gifts for professionals can include a business card holder or a reflector or studio strobe lighting kit for portrait shoots. If in doubt, a digital picture frame will allow your photographer to fall asleep looking at all their photos in one frame by their bedside.

Do it in style

Photography jewelry and bling including earrings and cufflinks or retro style watches featuring lens designs make a great gift if you're unsure about equipment. There are plenty of T-shirts and other clothing with awesome photography designs.


Although more expensive, no photographer will complain about receiving another camera to add to their collection. These are the top 3 cameras, perfect gifts for professionals or amateurs:

  • The Canon EOS 5D Mark III
    • The best general-purpose pro dSLR, though may not be worth the upgrade from the Mark II. It is a relatively small, affordable full-frame digital camera, particularly useful for travelling photographers as they are light, small and the full-frame sensor produces great images. The camera fits well into smaller hands and with its low profile it's much easier to gain the trust of those you're photographing when travelling or creating documentary work. The video quality is excellent. The Mark III offers a more streamlined shooting design, a significantly updated feature set with more options to configure pictures, plus better performance over its predecessor.
  • Sony A7R II
    • Create wonderful photo and video quality in a compact, well-designed body. The Sony A7R II is a great camera for those who need a high-resolution full-frame model in a more compact design than a dSLR. It produces excellent photo quality, great video (including support for 4K). This mirrorless camera is more suited for shooting video than its dSLR counterparts. However, the battery life is poor. The limited battery life of most mirrorless interchangeable-lens models is three or four times shorter than a dSLR
  • The Nikon D500
    • Fast and with excellent continuous-shooting and autofocus performance, the Nikon D500 includes 4K video support and great photo quality. It has excellent image quality and a streamlined design. The D500 has two card slots, XQD and SD. The XQD provides noticeably faster performance for continuous shooting. For action stills and video it is the best dSLR for the money.