My Love For Photography And The Urge To Go And Shoot Some Pictures

I have been a professional photographer for many years and people often ask me why I have so much love for photography. If you take and share photos, my guess is that you will be able to relate to many of these.

Appreciation of the world and light

It was not until I started capturing photos and seeing the beauty on my screen, that I began to see details, colors and light in a whole new way. Photography helps me appreciate a tree full of fall colors, a beautiful hill of flowers or someone's face full of character or the way the light falls to create a perfect portrait. Photography has changed the way I see the world.

Meet amazing people

Many people stop and ask me what I am photographing when they see me with my camera. Many times this leads to a conversation with these strangers. And I have met some really amazing people across the globe who have become friends. I was very lucky early in my career to have many great photographers willing to share their knowledge with me. I like being able to share my love for photography for others now.

Memories and family history

My love for photography comes from being there to capture important moments in time, particularly at personal events such as weddings and anniversary events. I capture moments that will hopefully be remembered forever through my images. At times like these I understand the importance of my work as a photographer over-lapping with that of being an historian.

Whilst I am paid for much of my photographic work, I also take portraits of family and friends. Seeing family photos that I have taken for them over the years displayed in their homes is an appreciation of my work that pays well not in money, but in their appreciation.

Sharing photographs

Photographs should be shared. My love for photography makes me keen to try new technologies, experiment with different angles and push the boundaries of creativity in my work. It is good for me to get feedback, questions and comments that help me to grow and learn.

The chance to travel

As a professional photographer, I get the opportunity to travel to events and see parts of the world that most do not. When shooting an advertisement I can be a remote part of a desert, or behind the scenes at a race day or capturing historic sporting achievements on land, sea or air. I take none of this for granted and know how lucky I am that my photography career has opened the doors to all these experiences.